Welcome. Thanks for taking the time to come over and check things out. I wanted to introduce myself and share a little about the trifecta of services that I offer and how they have contributed to my own unique unfolding, access to a deeper sense of self, and inner knowing. Massage therapy was the first of the healing arts that I was introduced to. In all honesty I’m not even sure that I came to it more than it had come to me. I was on the precipice of falling off a ledge of self-destructive behaviors and was pulled back into the embrace of my parents who held space for me as I unraveled and sought to find myself again. Massage school called to me, having never had a massage before, not sure where I would attend or what the requirements were, I made the decision from a deep place of knowing. It just so happened to be that there was a massage school at the end of my parent’s road. And so the journey began.

I had been reading about the esoteric world from a young age. Having spent a good portion of my life in Virginia Beach I learned of Edgar Cayce and was drawn to his teachings. This may have been the seeding of what was to come. One of the very first healing spaces I connected with after graduating and gaining licensure was at a holistic cancer center. I worked with Dr. Bridgit Freeman who was instrumental in opening me to the deep inner knowing that lies within my specific craft. It was here that I began to see the profound connection of the emotional and mental bodies to the manifestation of dis-ease in the physical body. Early in my career, I witnessed a client have a profound emotional release on the table which led to rapid disclosure of various life events that she had been holding onto. The combination of my experiences in the first six years of practicing massage led me toward the study of psychology as I sought a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection and how to better serve this relationship through my craft.

Around the same time that I began massage school I also discovered the practice of yoga. The first time I tried it I was transformed. Yoga has been the most consistent and longest relationship of my life. We have been together for twenty years and I have never tired or become bored with her presence. Yoga for me has always been the link that brings all of my questioning into balance even when the practice invariably leads to more questions. It is my true north. I am a one time yoga school drop-out. Full disclosure I am also a one time college drop-out. But I did return to both again on my own terms. Yoga gave me a sense of feeling, massage gave me a sense of purpose, and psychology introduced me to a system of questioning and studying connections. It was this divinely guided pathway of twists and turns and accidental ferry rides that brought into balance the birth of Trifecta Healing.

This manifestation has been quietly building inside of me for more than twenty years. I live in reverence to all that is and all that brought me here right now at this time. I have been gifted a knowing that has allowed me to trust in the flow that is spirit or divine energy. It is this energy that moves through me as we dance through the uniquely crafted recipe of this trifecta to aid in your deepest level of connection to self. Sessions manifest in a variety of ways and may differ from one to the next. It is not uncommon for talk therapy to occur during a yoga or massage session and similarly for physical movement to be brought into a talk therapy session. It is my belief that the deeper we are able to connect to our own internal rhythm of body, breath, and mind the more we align with the necessary unwinding that bring us back to our highest state of equilibrium.

I am excited to begin this new chapter of my own unfolding as I work toward bringing all that has been building inside of my own inner knowing out into the world. I am always here for questions, conversation, and exploration. We can discuss Skype sessions if we are not currently in the same town. Infinite love and blessings!!!


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