Finding our way back home.

What a difference a day makes. I created this blog with the intention of really putting my writing and my practices online and begin sharing out in the world through this medium. And then I stepped away from it for over a month. we are. If ever there were a time to call me back to that intention and remind me of the infinite potential I remembered back then of how I can be of service in the world. Here we are. And I've found myself resisting yet again. that discourse inside my head today I decided to just go outside. I am incredibly fortunate to currently have a backyard that is all my own to hold ceremony and chant and practice whenever I am called to do so. Incredibly grateful for that happenstance. we are.

Finding our way back home. In this particular home I just happened to settle into right before this whole apocalypse took form here in the States I am finding my way back to essence; to the practices that keep me grounded and whole. And in all honesty some days it's just hard. To move and breathe and connect to those practices I know will keep me rooted and aligned in these times: To wake up each day knowing that I am going to feel my way through this's a lot. And what I keep remembering is embodiment. Feel into the experience and move. Breathe. Create space to discharge what is ready to release and acknowledge all of it as it arises. is what my practice looks like.

What I commend myself on is that I met my goal for today. And found my way back home. I ebbed...the day started out in a feeling space of disconnect and disorientation. I actually tried to just zone out on Netflix and I couldn't. Because I took time this morning to sit and get intentional I was able to hear the call of my spirit...and it said move. And share. And keep doing that.

So....every Monday I will be offering that space. 9amEST. Grounding into Intention. Zoom.

Tomorrow I'm offering a sanhgha on Zoom at 7pmEST:

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 349 694 303
Password: 104764

This is an open space to arrive. Share. Don't share. Practice. Don't practice. Laugh. Breathe. Be present with each other. I'll hold space all you are required to do is show up in honesty. As is.

Thursday 6pmEST. Zoom. A check in practice. We'll meet and move and honor where we are at this point of the week. How are we feeling? What do we need to move with a little more ease?

Saturday morning 10:30amEST. Zoom. Celebration practice. It's the weekend. We've made it here and now we dance and move and offer gratitude for all that brought us right here right now.

All classes are suggested donation of $10. payable to
If you are unable to swing this right now just let me know. We are all in a tight squeeze right now. It is most important to me that you are able to move and connect and serve yourself. Just let me know. Email

I'm here. As we all are. And I will keep showing up for myself and for you. And when we are able to connect again physically I'm gonna need a lot of hugs and assists and time and space with you in real Earth space away from this screen. Love all of you so much. Enjoy this practice. And join me each week. Let's move and remember. That's all we can do. Be.


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